PAFCPIC donated three desktop computers to Saint Anthony’s Boys Village (SABV) Foundation, Inc., a charitable institution run by the Priests and Brothers of the Rogationist of the Heart of Jesus on Saturday, 26 October 2020. This is in support of the institution’s program, Readiness and Educational Solidarity in the New Normal,” an initiative which aims to collect smartphones or tablets, laptops, desktop computers, printers, and other gadgets to provide them to their students who cannot afford to continue their education through distance learning.

During the turnover ceremony, SABV’s Superior Fr. Vincent Dumdum, expressed his gratitude to the Cooperative for the donation, which according to him, will become an important lifeline to students’ achievements, skills development and potential job attainment.

It is a blessing to meet persons like you, and hopefully this will not be the last time and we can have this continuous engagement so that we can always help and give something to those who are in need, particularly our students. Thank you and God bless,” he remarked. 

With the pandemic still afflicting large parts of the country, most schools are starting the new academic year with online learning in lieu of face-to-face classes.

According to Fr. Dumdum, while the transition to virtual learning is not a problem for some, for those who do not own a computer or laptop and with no means to acquire one, the online shift has left them in a difficult situation.

“These donated computers which will be installed at the students’ workstations will be a big help,” he added.

Vice President for Membership Education and Community Services Ms Ma Teresa Garnace, responded to Fr. Dumdum by acknowledging the importance of continuous learning and expressed her appreciation for being part of their journey.


“Hearing your message, we are deeply touched, knowing these young people will one day become priests and that we have been a part of their journey,” she said.


Brigadier General Fernando Zabat, President of PAFCPIC, went on to say that the cooperative has a scholarship program which recently has been extending its help to the community and that the cooperative could sponsor some of the students to further help them pursue their studies.

Before the ceremony ended, one of the students expressed his appreciation on behalf of his co-interns.


“More than these gifts, we would like to thank you for letting us know that even in this time of the pandemic, there are people who are willing to help us who are really in need of assistance for our education,” he said.


“For our part, rest assured that we are praying for you and for the future endeavors of your cooperative and we hope you continue helping people,” he added.

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