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Policy on the Validation of PAFCPIC Representative Forms (RF)

I. Title: Policy on the Validation of PAFCPIC Representative Forms (RF)

II. Purpose: To lay down the procedure for the validation of PAFCPIC RFs.

III. Definition of Terms:

1. Member Entitled to Vote (MEV)- is a member who satisfies the following criteria/ conditions: 
     a.    Must be a regular member of the cooperative for at least one (1) year and has contributed share capital equivalent to twelve (12) monthly contribution as of the end of the Fiscal Year prior to the scheduled General Assembly meeting called for the purpose.
     b.    Has not been delinquent in the payment of any amortization of his/ her loan with the cooperative immediately preceding the election.
     c.    Participates and attends in Cooperative's parliamentary affairs,(Regular or Special). A member who absented himself for two (2) immediately past general assembly meetings but who attends the current one shall be restored to his voting rights in the next General Assembly Meeting.
     d.    Has attended and completed the prescribed Pre-Membership Cooperative Seminar.
     e.    Obeys the rules and regulations provided by R.A 9520 and other related legislative enactments, rules and regulations issued by Cooperative Development Authority (CDA), PAFCPIC By-Laws, decisions of the General Assembly and the Board of Directors.
     f.    Promotes the aims and purposes of the cooperative; the success of its business; the welfare of its members; and the cooperative movement as a whole.

2. Representative Form (RF)- an official form in which a regular member nominates and appoints his/ her representative to vote on behalf of his/ her during election. 

IV.    Procedure:
    1.    The RFs will be made available through posting to PAFCPIC website ( seven (7) months prior to the scheduled General Assembly (GA) meeting. A regular member can generate and reproduce the RF by downloading at PAFCPIC website or secure from PAFCPIC Satellite Office (PSO). 
    2. The filled-up RFs will be submitted to the nearest PSO or Liaison Office not later than the last working day of December prior to the GA. The candidates may opt to submit the RF to OCA. Only the RFs using the format as officially posted will be accepted as valid RFs. Then on a weekly basis, the RFs will be submitted by the said offices to Office for Cooperative Affairs (OCA). 
    3. The consolidated RFs will then be numbered based on the date and time of receipt in order to implement the first-in first-out (FIFO) policy. 
    4.    OCA will submit the numbered RFs to ELECOM on a weekly basis.
    5.    ELECOM will conduct validation in coordination with the ITO to determine If the member is eligible to vote based on the list of members in good standing as approved by the Board. Upon validation, all the RFs will be scanned by the ELECOM to be used as a reference once a member has complaint or inquiry. 
    6.In case a member submitted more than one (1) RF, the first numbered RF will prevail. 
    7.The schedule of validation will start on first working day of January and will end one month before the GA.
    8.Once validated the member will then be declared MEV. The candidates will then be informed on the number of MEVs validated on their behalf. 
    9.Written revocation of validated RFs will be allowed thirty (30) days before the scheduled GA meeting and election. 
   10.All issues pertaining to the validity and invalidity of RFs shall be resolved by the ELECOM. 

V.Effectivity and Publication:
The Policy shall take effect fifteen (15) days after its publication in the PAFCPtC website. 

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