How is PAFCPIC different from other financial institutions?

PAFCPIC is a cooperative duly registered with the Cooperative Development Authority. In a cooperative, all members are considered “co-owners” and have equal rights exercised through voting during its annual general assembly and election of officers.

What is the best type of loan for me?

PAFCPIC offers short, medium and long-term loans depending on your purpose. Payment terms range from one month to seventy-two months (six years) depending on the type of loan and branch of service. 

What are the requirements for availing of loans?

Basic requirements are original copies of your current and preceding payslips and any two (2) valid IDs. Other documents may be required depending on loan type, loan amount and branch of service. 

What are the advantages of availing yourself of loans from PAFCPIC?
  • Lowest interest rates 
  • Interest rebates 
  • 3x patronage refund in May, August and November
  • No hidden charges
  • No advance payment required
  • No credit insurance required (not applicable to retirees and pensioners)
What is Patronage Refund or PatRef?

PatRef is the amount given back to members who have patronized the Cooperative’s products and services. PatRef is credited to members’ accounts in May, August and November, and can be withdrawn anytime in any PAFCPIC office upon presentation of passbook and valid ID.

What is the We Care Program (WCaP)?

WCaP is a group life insurance plan that provides peace of mind to subscribed members by ensuring financial assistance to bereaved family members. The monthly premium is P 50.00 or higher, depending on the age of the subscribed member. WCaP ensures P 100,000.00 in coverage in case of a subscribed members’ untimely passing.

What is the PAPSI Assist Program?

The PAPSI Assist Program provides members access to medicine, medical-related equipment, emergency financial assistance, corporate sponsorships, and socio-civic grants to organizations and agencies advocating worthy causes.

What is the PAFCPIC Scholarship Program?

The PAFCPIC Scholarship Program offers financial scholarship grants for incoming or current tertiary students pursuing baccalaureate degrees. 

Who can apply for scholarship?

Scholarship grants are open to active enlisted personnel as well as the dependents of regular members, killed-in-action personnel and associate members.

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