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A. Regular Member

  1. Military personnel and regular civilian employees assigned with the Philippine Army 
  2. Regular employees of PAFCPIC 
  3. Legitimate surviving spouse or any legitimate child 18 years of age and above of a deceased regular member following the latter’s death
  4. Legitimate surviving ascendant or any one sibling 18 years of age and above in case the deceased regular member is single at the time of his death

Regular members are entitled to all rights and privileges to include the right to vote or be voted upon.  

B. Associate Member

  1. Dependents of regular and associate members - refer to the legitimate spouse, children, parents and siblings of regular and associate members
    The associate member sponsoring his dependents shall not be allowed to sponsor any other dependents. The one sponsored is no longer entitled to sponsor any of his dependents. 
  2. Retired or honorably separated personnel of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP)
  3. Military personnel, technical and/or administrative personnel in the active service of the AFP assigned in the armed services or separate units of the AFP 
  4. Regular employees of the following: AFPSLAI, AFPRSBS, AFPMBAI, AFPCES and AFPGIC 
  5. Regular employees of PAFC Transport Service Cooperative and PAFC Housing Cooperative 
  6. Regular civilian employees of General Headquarters and other AFP Wide Service Support Units
  7. Pensioners of AFP / Philippine Veterans Administration Office (PVAO); and
  8. Regular members of the adopted Military Barangay / Cooperative and such other cooperatives that may be created with the help of PAFCPIC

Associate members are entitled to all rights and privileges except the right to vote and be voted upon. 


A. General Requirements 

  • Filled-out membership application form 
    • 2 pieces recent 1” x 1” ID picture 
  • Photocopy of any valid IDs (military or civilian employee ID, company ID, dependent’s ID, pensioner’s ID, whichever is applicable)
  • Photocopy of Official Receipt for initial Share Capital 
  • Photocopy of PMES Certificate

B. Specific Requirements

  1. For Regular Members 
    • Officers ----- CAD / ETAD 
    • Enlisted Personnel ----- Enlistment Order or Re-enlistment Order 
    • Civilian Employees ----- Appointment Order 
  2. For Associate Members
    • Medical Certificate for We Care Program
    • Parents ----- Birth Certificate of sponsoring member 
    • Spouse ----- Marriage Certificate 
    • Children ----- Birth Certificate and/or Marriage Certificate (for married female child only) 
    • Retired / Pensioner / Honorably Discharged ----- Retirement Order or Honorable Discharge Order
    • Civilian employee of GHQ and AFP WSSU ----- Appointment Order
    • Regular employees of other financial institutions ---- Appointment Order 



  1. Secure and fill-out membership application form.
  2. Submit accomplished membership application form with documentary requirements at the main office, any satellite office or during membership recruitment drives.  
  3. Pay initial share capital contribution of P 200.00 at the cashier. 
  4. Attend the Pre-Membership Education Seminar (PMES) held every Tuesday and Thursday from 9:30 am to 12 nn in the main office and 2 pm to 4 pm in satellite offices.
  5. Claim passbook and ID within prescribed period.
  • Free lifetime membership 
  • Highest interest rates on deposits and investments 
  • Lowest interest rates on loans 
  • No hidden charges & no advance payment required on loans 
  • 3x per year patronage refund 
  • Various assistance programs 
  • Best customer care

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